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Top 10 GCoop Products

The top 10 GCoop Products are as follows - CareCella Hydration Skincare Set, CK Balance Power & H, CareCella Facial Line-up Lifting Gel, CareCella Skin Innovator, General Balance Plant Based MSM, CareCella Bubble Toc Toc Serum, CareCella Magic Peeling Gel, Ecoer Snow Handmade Sulfur Soap, CareCella Venus Peel Powder & Serum, and General Balance Sea Formula!

CareCella Hydration Basic Set

The foundation of Korean Skincare is CareCella's Basic Hydration Skincare Set which consists of the Balance Toner, Deep Emulsion, Foam Cleanser, Intensive Serum and the BB Cream (which will be replaced with the Day Cream in future sets). If you are using CareCella products for the first time, the Hydration Skincare Set is a must buy. Experience premium ingredients - ginseng saponin (Rg2), niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, panax ginseng culture extract and many others.

Compound K Brand Story

Dietary Compound K is the active metabolite of Ginseng. CK Balance Power & H have many amazing effects supported through ongoing research such as anti-inflammatory effects, anti-tumor, liver protective, anti-fatigue, cardiovascular protective, cognitive well being, anti-arthritic and skin protective (Research papers on Compound K can be found at ). CK Balance is safe and can be taken at all ages. For those who want a boost in their health, CK Balance H is highly recommended. Those who have a specific concern such as joint, liver, cardiovascular concerns should choose CK Power in order to experience the full effects of Compound K. Compound K will be the next craze in dietary supplements for anti-cancer effects with anti-viral, liver protective, and immune-modulating effects.

CareCe;;a Facial Line Up Lifting Gel

CareCella Facial Line-up Lifting Gel will physically lift the wrinkles out of your face. One of the most loved CareCella product, this lifting gel will not only improve wrinkle lines but will tighten the pores and help detoxify your skin. The drying action of this lifting gel is fast acting and will improve the skin tone and supporting ingredients such as dragons blood, fullerene and soy phyto placenta will encourage and stimulate the skin.

CareCella Skin Innovator

CareCella Skin Innovator is "liquid skin". It is an amazing product which creates a breathable membrane when applied to the skin. It is safe to use overnight as a facial mask which will help retain the nutrients and hydration from the use of other CareCella's products. Some people have even used Skin Innovator as a "Liquid Bandaid" to irritated skin and on minor cuts and abrasions. Skin Innovator has received the highest rating excellent by Dermatest of Germany.

General Balance Plant Based MSM

If you use glucosamine and chondroitin products. You will love General Balance MSM. If you are looking for joint support, you need to buy MSM. Period!

CareCella Bubble Toc Toc Serum

Some people call this the botox of the east without the pain. Although this contains no botulism toxins, Bubble Toc Toc main ingredient is Volufiline which acts by increasing the fat cells below the skin and filling in the wrinkle lines. It works without stimulating hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. It has been proven safe through many clinical trials in Europe and its effectiveness is widely known..

CareCella Venus Peel Powder and Serum

CareCella Venus Peel Powder and Serum is the next generation of skin rejuvenation. It uses microneedles from the Venus Flower Basket located deep in the sea. It contains minerals and nutrients supported with Venus Peel Serum. When applied, the microneedles are implanted to the surface of the skin and stimulates the skin to produce new skin cells while delivering nutrients and minerals into the skin. The results are smooth skin texture, diminishes pore size and improves skin elasticity. The overall complexion of the face is remarkably improved.

CareCella Magic Peeling Gel

CareCella's Magic Peeling Gel is another necessity when you use CareCella's products. The mild exfoliation action of this gel allows other CareCella cosmetics to work its wonders more effectively. This is a 6 in one product: exfoliates, tones, clarifies, improves elasticity, moisturizes and glow. Definitely a must buy product.

Ecoer Snow Handmade Sulfur Soap GCoop

Ecoer Snow Handmade Sulfur Soap is made by special people. This soap is fermented for 3 weeks and contains sulfur. Sulfur has antibacterial effects and great for people with acne. This soap is mild and especially made for people with skin allergies. This soap contains no preservatives, no pigments and no synthetic fragrances. Absolutely a must buy.

General Balance Sea Formula GCoop

FInally rounding up the top 10 gcoop products is General Balance Sea Formula. It is the nutrients of the sea in one pill. Chlorella and Fucoidan are the 2 major ingredients of Sea Formula. Numerous studies on the nutrition value of Chlorella has been published along with Fucoidan which comes from the brown seaweed. Even Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine website note anticancer properties of Fucoidan.


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