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Never Buy CareCella on EBay or Amazon!

Almost never ever buy CareCella on Ebay or Amazon or any other 3rd party online website. The only place you should buy CareCella, GCoop products online is GCoop's Official Online Shopping Site.

CareCella Ebay, CareCella Amazon

Here are some of the main reasons not to buy from 3rd party online sellers:

  1. The expiration date is either close or expired.

  2. It is more or less not returnable and sales are final.

  3. If there is something wrong with the product you cannot return it. The company is not responsible because GCoop does not allow third party online sellers of CareCella/ GCoop products.

  4. You do not know if the product has been stored properly. It could have been left in a hot place and since CareCella uses natural plant preservatives, there may be changes to the effectiveness of the product. CareCella skincare products need to be left in a a dry cool place.

  5. You may be paying more than what you should be paying for. Anyone can buy CareCella products at member pricing with a free GCoop Membership.

If the deal is just too good to pass up, always ask the seller the expiration date before you buy it. Ask whether it has been stored properly and compare the price you will be paying for with the actual GCoop member pricing. Sign up for the free GCoop Membership. It will never hurt to compare the price listed in the official GCoop website with the price that is sold online. There is always a reason for the seller to sell the price way below member pricing and never a reason to sell it more than MSRP.


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