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CareCella: Venus Peel Powder and Cream

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Are you looking for a product that can rejuvenate, smoothen, and restore your skin to a good condition? CareCella Venus Peel is just what you have been looking for. This product is made of a powerful ingredient known to heal the skin and make it look young and more bright.

Venus Flower Basket GCoop

The main ingredient is a highly purified micro needle crystal particles extracted from the Venus Flower Basket developed by General Bio’s own technology. Other components consists of several herbal extracts, ginsenosides, aloe vera extracts and green tea extracts.

Venus Flower Basket contains an incredibly large source of minerals and has a micro needle structure. It is effective for skin peeling and skin rejuvenation.

CareCella Venus Peel Explanation

When applied on the face, the micro needles consisting of amorphous silica with a high content of minerals, penetrates through dead skin cells and is implanted in the epidermis to help effective compounds infiltrate directly into the skin. Constant skin stimulation results in collagen biosynthesis which promotes skin regeneration and enhances skin firmness. It also functions to help exfoliate the skin smoothly.

Venus Peel Uses and Benefits

· Makes the skin clearer and brighter

· Exfoliates the skin by peeling off the dead cells

· Helps eliminate acne and acne scars.

· Eliminates wrinkle, shrinks pores, revealing younger and more vibrant skin.

· Smoothens the skin texture

· Reduces skin pigmentation and improves elasticity of the skin

· Enhances the absorption of effective compounds


  1. CareCella VENUS PEEL Powder 0.75 X 10 each

  2. CareCella VENUS PEEL Serum 5mL X 10 each

  3. CareCella mixing bowl 1 each

  4. Spatula 1 each

Main Ingredients: Herbal extracts, Ginsenosides, Aloe Vera Extracts, Green Tea Extracts.

Directions for use

· Cleanse the skin

· Open one VENUS PEEL POWDER and place half of the powder contents into an empty container. Add half of the contents of the VENUS PEEL SERUM and use a spatula to evenly mix the two. (use 0.35 g of powder and 2.5 mL of serum).

· Gently massage, avoiding eye and mouth areas.

· Rub onto your face as if gently massaging for about 1~2 minutes in the order of the forehead → nose → chin → cheeks and then lightly press around the skin and you will know when the serum is all absorbed into the skin. Do not rub too strongly or you may risk "scratching" your skin.

· After application, leave it for 10-20 minutes to allow active ingredient and skin react well and wash with lukewarm water.

· Calm the skin with a soothing pack, etc.

· Complete the process by applying post care solution (balance, toner, intensive serum, emulsion, sunscreen, etc.)

· Lightly wash your face with water in the morning of the following day.

· Always apply sunscreen before going outside.

· Continue to apply the 5 basic hydration set for and let the dead skin cells fall off. Moisturize your skin well and the ingredients in the basic hydration set will help it regenerate.


· Do not wash face for the next 24 hours after strong peeling and wash with water for 2-3 days. For soft peeling, do not wash face on the day of the treatment and gently wash with water on the next day.

· After peeling, a slight swelling and skin redness, along with skin burning occur.

· Do not touch the face after the procedure. (Tingling lasts about a day and disappears.)

· After about 2 days, face can be itchy and the face turns dark and after around 3 days later, dead skin cells start to appear.

· Do not remove dead skin cells forcefully.

*Some area might turn black but this will be eliminated.

*For soft peeling, minimal to no dead skin cells occur.

· For about a week after removing dead skin cells, apply hydration intensive serum, cream, etc.

Wear sunscreen, when going outside.


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