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What is GCoop?

Simply speaking. GCoop is the e-commerce platform for Social Enterprises. In other words GCoop is the Amazon for companies who strive to do good for the world. 90% of GCoop's profits are reinvested back to the company while 10% is given back to society in forms of charities and other donations.
Maximize profits in order to maximize benefits to society and the environment.
GCoop's mission is to resolve social problems and deficiencies using strong ethical values and sound business practices.

GCoop stands for Global Cooperative

GCoop is the Marketing and Distribution branch for General Bio, its mother company.
General Bio was established in 2007 as a bio research and development company. They are cGMP certified for cosmetics and GMP certified fro dietary supplements. Their headquarters are located in South Korea with Credit rating A. (Less than 5% of Korean companies obtain this level of rating).
In 2012, General Bio officially received Social Enterprise status within the business community.
World Peace

When did GCoop start?

GCoop was founded in 2016 South Korea and expanded into the U.S. and Taiwanese market in 2017. Global One Server took effect and General Bio and GCoop officially combined under one company in 2018.
In late 2019 GCoop entered the Japanese market and plans to open in Vietnam are slated to open in 2020. 

More about GCoop.

1. Does the company have an established R&D and manufacturing company? YES! GCoop is the marketing division for the mother company General Bio, a cGMP, GMP certified company since 2007.

2. What is the company's strongest point? Helping out the community especially for groups that are in a social disadvantage.

3. Anything special about the company? 75% of its workforce are employed with people with a social disadvantage or physical/mental disabilities.


GCoop is B Corporation Certified

Best for Community 2016, 2017, 2018

Best Overall 2016, 2017, 2018

B Corporation.png
2020 Top 100 Impact Companies
Jung Hoon Seo, Founder & CEO

Who founded GCoop?

Jung Hoon Seo founded GCoop. His background in New Material Engineering and mission to create social values led him to create functional products with emphasis on 
"We hope to enhance the pride and self-esteem of GCoopers through a business that resolves social problems and deficiencies."

GCOOp HIghlights

GCoop Certifications_edited.jpg
GMP | cGMP certified for in house Research & Development Facilities
Ranked in the Top 10 Benefit Corporation in the World.
Internationally Certified
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KIS Credit Rating A

Less than 2% of all companies in South Korea have a credit rating of A or better.

Government Certified as a Social Enterprise in South Korea by the Ministry of Labor.
Government Certified as a Company providing jobs for People with Disabilities
Government Certified as a Venture Company for Technology

GCoop USA | GCoop Canada

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