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CK Balance

Compound K:

the secret Ginseng Ingredient.

Is there compound K in the ginseng you are taking? Although ginseng has been used for thousands of years, the secret of ginseng has only been discovered around 60 years ago. This secret is Compound K. Unfortunately, less than 40% of individuals can process ginseng to compound K.

Compound K is ginseng with special medicinal properties | ginseng without Compound K is just a good expensive herb.

CK Balance | Ginseng's Compound K

  • CK Power.jpg

    CK Power

    100% Pure Hydrolyzed Fermented Ginseng

    MSRP: $900.00

  • CK Balance Compound K.png

    CK Balance H

    Compound K with 10 other immune enhancing ingredients

    MSRP: $250.00


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