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Can I order one month supply of CK Balance Power?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The short answer is YES! You can order one month supply of CK Balance Power instead of the 6 month set. It will take a few more clicks but it will be well worth it. You will need to register for a monthly subscription (every 4 weeks) called "Autoship". You can order any products listed to receive every month. However this article will be focused on CK Balance Power.

First step is to login to your account and go to My OFFICE. Afterwards. you will see Autoship on the left side of the column and click.

1. FIrst click "Autoship" and you will see a dropdown appear.

2. Next click Autoship [Registration]

One Month Supply of CK Balance Power Subscription

3. In the Shopping list, find the selection for [AUTO] CK BALANCE Power (5 EA) and click.

4. CK Balance Power will automatically be placed in your cart.

Choose CK Balance Autoship

5. Fill out the Shipping Information

6. Complete shipping by clicking "Check Out" box near the bottom right.

GCoop Autoship Shipping

7. A Pop up will appear confirming your products.

GCoop Autoship Products Created

8. Check the Terms & Conditions and another pop out will appear explaining about the subscription.

9. Fill out payment information and click "Registration" to complete.

GCoop Autoship Terms and Conditions

Congratulations~ you have purchased 1 month supply of CK Balance Power. If you do not wish to continue with the subscription remember to cancel the subscription before 26 days or the subscription will renew.

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