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My GCoop Password doesn't work?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

You can reset your Gcoop password through the link here.

There are 9 steps to reset your GCoop password:

Forgot GCoop Password

1. Click "Forgot Password" and a Popup in the top left will appear.

GCoop Authentication Number Request

2. Fill out your member ID and Mobile No. and click the Authentication Number Request button.

GCoop Verification Code

3. Check your mobile phone for the verification code which is sent by SMS.

GCoop Password Reset

4. Enter the verification code sent to your phone by SMS and click Password Reset Button.

GCoop Verification Code

5. Another SMS message will be sent to your phone with your temporary password. You can now use your ID and temporary password to log in. Be sure to change the temporary password to another password your are more familiar with. After logging in click MY OFFICE.

GCoop My Office

6. On the upper right corner click "My Profile".

GCoop My Profile

7. On the bottom of the My Profile page, you will need click "Change Password".

GCoop Change Password Button

8. Fill in the temporary password and the new password. Click "Change".

GCoop Temporary Password Change

9. Although it is grammatically incorrect, "Become successful treatment" means that you have successfully changed your password.

GCoop Password Change Successful


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