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What is the difference between CK Balance and CK Balance Power?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The difference between CK Balance and CK Balance Power are as follows:

  1. CK Balance contains 20% hydrolyzed Ginseng Saponin along with other Korean Herbal ingredients but CK Balance Power contains 100% Hydrolyzed Ginseng Saponin.

  2. CK Balance is in "pill" form while CK is in "powder" form

DIfference Between CK Balance and CK Balance Power

Which CK Balance do you recommend?

  • CK Balance is recommended for people who are healthy and want to experience the extra immune boost from Hydrolyzed Ginseng in everyday life. Since CK Balance is in pill form, it is easier to take and for some it tastes good because of herbal support..

  • CK Balance Power is recommended for people who have some underlying health difficulties and want to improve on them. Ginsenosides are very bitter and since CK Balance Power is in powder form some people find it difficult to take with water or other juices . However the effect is amazing and when people overcome the bitterness, they will experience the power of Ginseng.

Anything extra we need to know about CK Balance?

  • CK stands for Compound K and Compound K is the last metabolite of ginsenosides. Ginseng Saponins are the core of Ginseng. They are responsible for the various actions it has on the body. They are very powerful antioxidants and promote detoxification. There are over 300 scientific literature and continued rsearch about Compound K.

  • Many people may experience some form of detoxification syndrome when first taking CK Balance (especially Power). Some people may mistake it for an allergic reaction but in fact it may be detoxification syndrome. Some people experience headaches while others experience bowel discomfort. If these symptoms arise, it is recommended to lower the dose taken. Detoxification syndrome will go away within 2~3 days and afterwards the person will feel a renewed self.

CK Balance Compound K

CK Balance along with CK Balance Power are amazing products. GCoop is the only company in the U.S. who sells dietary Compound K with GMP certification. Since Compound K bioconversion process is patented by GCoop, The cost of obtaining dietary Compound K is the lowest in the industry. CK Balance is the core product of GCoop.


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