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Where to buy Compound K?

In the U.S., the best way to purchase Compound K - (CK Balance Power/ CK Balance H) is through online GCoop Membership. Although General Bio manufactures Compound K, the marketing and distribution is through GCoop, its subsidiary. GCoop is a multi-level marketing company. One does not have to join the business but only use the membership as a consumer. If you would like to register for GCoop to buy Compound K please click the image below. (Explanation of membership process will be provided below the image.)

After the form is filled out and sent, a GCooper sponsor will process and register you as a GCooper. You can think of this registration form like signing up for an online store like Amazon to shop. You will be emailed your ID and Password.

The following images are detailed directions on how to purchase Compound K.

CK Balance Power or CK Balance H from the website directly.

Log in to the US GCoop website at us.gcoop.com . (Click below to enter)


After logging in click "My Office" in the top of the website.

Click "Order Management" on the left to enter the shopping process.

Click "Shopping" and you will find many products sold on GCoop.

Click on "Supplement & Food" and scroll down to find CK Balance Power.

Choose your items and clicking "Cart" should lead you to the page below.

Total amount is the amount you will pay to purchase the products. The "363 BV" stands for "Bonus Volume" and you can think of it as "Bonus Points" for purchasing the products. Each products carries a certain number of points. If you are interested in monetizing points then you should consider utilizing GCoop as a business member.

Complete the shipping information and payment process.

Hopefully everything was successful and you have completed your purchase of Compound K - CK Balance Power or CK Balance H. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or ask us through the "Contact US" page.

On a separate note. it is recommended to purchase CK Balance Power and CK Balance H through GCoop Autoship. For "consumers" autoship is GCoop's way of saying monthly subscriptions. There are limited products for monthly subscription but fortunately you can purchase CK Power and CK H via autoship. It is also less expensive to purchase through autoship and another perk is that you can purchase CK Balance Power by monthly amounts. For example there are 6 boxes in a package of CK Power if you purchase by the regular route. In other words you must purchase 6 months worth of CK Power. But through autoship you can purchase "one" box at a time monthly for a price of $110 with shipping and handling included. If you are interested in this route, please read the blog on Registering for GCoop Autoship here.