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What is MSM?

MSM stands for MethylSulfonylMethane. MSM is a naturally occuring organosulfur compound found in very small amounts in foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and cow's milk. MSM is rapidly absorbed into the body (less than 1 hour) and permeates throughout the entire body. It is primarily excreted in the urine with a biological half life of around 12 hours. It is Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA and MSM is can be taken up to 4 grams with little known side effects.

General Balance MSM sold through GCoop

Many scientific studies show that MSM have a broad range of activities mostly dealing with:

  1. Anti-inflammation - inhibitory effects on NF-kB

  2. Anti-oxidant activity - regulate balance of ROS and antioxidant enzymes

  3. A sulfur donor - methionine, cysteine, homocysteine, taurine...

  4. Immune modulation - indirect inhibitory role on mast cells thus inhibiting histamine release

Common uses of MSM

  1. Arthritis and Inflammation (Main Use)- Numerous testimonies and studies show improvement of arthritic stiffness and joint pain with MSM intake in osteoarthritic populations. (On a personal note, my mother has osteoarthritis in her hands. I have taken her to a leading hand specialist due to the pain and his answer to me was that even his own mother has osteoarthritis and as a doctor himself it was embarrassing. In short, his recommendation was pain medication or fusion of the joints. As medical graduate myself I had a reality check and my mother looked into other ways - she found MSM (shown in the picture) and it has worked wonders on her. I'm a believer in MSM.)

  2. Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

  3. Reduces Physical Stress and high anti-oxidant activity

  4. Improves the skin complexion through increased skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction - acts as a sulfur donor to keratin

  5. Anti-cancer activity - emerging studies show inhibition of cell growth and proliferation. Further research is required.)


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