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GCoop Products Overview

GCoop has 3 major product categories.

1. Korean Cosmetics

2. Dietary Supplements

3. Household products

There are currently seven brands associated with GCoop: CareCella is the most famous out of all seven.


CareCella: Korean Cosmeceuticals which literally mean "Caring for the Cells". Many of CareCella products are tested by Dermatest of Germany and received an excellent rating.

CK Balance: Korean Ginseng with fermented ginseng extract using proprietary and patented Bioconversion System to create Compound K.

General Balance: Numerous dietary supplements for all needs. Special herbs such as Wasong (Rock Pine), Nano Collagen for the skin, Chol-care for cholesterol care and more.

Ecoer Snow: for children and adults with sensitive skin. Many families with skin allergies use this brand of products for their babies too.

Active DS: Active Dietary System. For those looking to lose weight, Active DS might be the answer.

GCoop Cafe: Functional Coffee with increased antioxidants or dietary purposes.

GCoop: Household products such as laundry detergents, dish washing liquid, toothbrush and toothpaste.

CareCella Products


CareCella products focus on Korean Skincare products - K-beauty.

  1. All of the products do not contain harmful ingredients as warned by the Environmental Working Group and by the Korean Cosmetic Ingredient review app "Hwa-hwe". (The Day Cream is the only exception since the sunscreen industry have yet to find a natural way to substitute the highly effective sunscreen blocker.)

  2. When compared with other leading cosmetics with similar functions and ingredients, CareCella products contain a higher percentage of active ingredients versus its competitors. This is one of the main reasons why CareCella's products gives great results.

  3. Another major difference between CareCella products vs. other cosmetics is the use of ginseng saponins. Ginseng saponins such as RG2 and Compound K are widely used throughout the CareCella line. Hydrolyzed Ginseng Saponins are the next generation ingredient that is being incorporated into the cosmetic line but due to its premium, many cosmetic companies that uses Ginseng Saponins are very expensive. GCoop is able to keep the costs low because through its own R&D center, they own the patent to commercialize the production of Hydrolyzed Ginseng Saponins. This is the reason why

Many testimonies found through online blogs show that customers are really amazed how effective CareCella's products are. Many are also surprised by its value. The focus of Carecella is its high function and high value. Marketing costs are drastically reduced through network marketing and General Bio is a social enterprise certified by B-Lab. GCoop is the marketing and distribution branch for General Bio Corporation so there is no margin taken between the companies since they are legally one company. Furthermore, the Global One Server initiative took place in April 2018 which electronically streamlined the networking portion of GCoop and the manufacturing portion of General Bio into higher efficiency since the control and sale of goods are monitored more efficiently.

General Balance Dietary Products

General Balance

General Balance products focus on inner health - dietary and herbal supplements. Although General Balance have multi-vitamins, omega-3, calcium-magnesium and probiotics supplements, Special supplements such as:

  1. Nano Collagen (Collagen created from fish scales which is absorbed in the body higher vs. other "animal" collagen products)

  2. MSM (the next generation Chondroitin/Glucosamine - natural sulfur!)

  3. Sea Formula (chlorella, fucoidan, brown algae..)

  4. Rocket Tablet (red beet power with octacosanol for increase in nitric oxide for cardiovascular support)

  5. Chol Care (red yeast rice - monacolin K for cholesterol support.

There are also many other dietary supplements awaiting in the U.S. distribution pipeline. Rock Pine Power and Rock Pine H created from wasong - another amazing superfood amongst others.

CK Balance Ginsenosides

CK Balance

CK Balance is the brand based on Compound K - fermented Ginseng Extract. Ginseng is well-known for its medicinal properties that promote health in many different aspects. One of the main active ingredient of ginseng are Saponins (aka. ginsenosides) and there are over a 100 types. From the discovery of the first ginsenosides during the 1960s, there is much research into the effects of ginseng saponins. Most ginsenosides are metabolized by intestinal bacteria and it is through this mechanism Compound K - the final saponin metabolite is discovered. Continuing research in Compound K yields many amazing effects (almost too good to be true) here are some:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Tumor

  2. Liver and Kidney Protective

  3. Cardiovascular Protective

  4. Skin Protective

  5. Cognitive and Well-Being

It is important to note that Compound K is not found in young ginseng but very little quantities are found in very old ginseng. The older the ginseng, the higher the concentration of Compound K. This is one of the main reason why 30-year ginseng is so expensive but effective. In addition, the majority of the people cannot breakdown ginseng saponins into Compound K. This is the reason why some find ginseng effective and others not so. General Bio has patented Bioconversion technology that allows Compound K to be commercialized from young ginseng.

Countless of testimonies show how Compound K have improved and changed their lives. What is more important? CK Balance is the only ginseng dietary supplement product sold in the U.S. that contains Compound K - Not all ginseng products are created equal. Does your ginseng extract contain Compound K?

Ecoer Snow Sulfur Soap

Ecoer Snow

Ecoer Snow brands have been sold in baby stores across Korea. It is mild and specially made for children with sensitive skin. The Handmade Sulfur Soap is very special in that the soap is 100% created from people with severe mental disabilities under supervision. The Sulfur Soap contains approximately 10 times the sulfur content from natural springs and it is created through 4 weeks of fermentation using the cold process. It has been so popular with GCoopers, another manufacturing site is being created with focus on creating jobs for senior citizens living in difficult conditions.

GCoop is a B Corporation

There are many products sold in GCoop. Every month new products are being developed and each products are created with focus on safety, eco-friendliness, and giving back to society. Nothing beats the experience of first using the products. It's high value with high function paired with high social value makes GCoop products a smart choice.


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