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GCoop: Membership Registration

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

How do I join GCoop? There 2 main ways to register for GCoop - as a business member or as a consumer..

How do I join GCOOP USA

1. As a Business Member, Membership to GCoop can be obtained through another GCooper.

If you are interested in the slightest bit to enter the GCoop business, you will need to register under a Sponsor or you can register here. However you will need to submit your full social security number since it is regulated by U.S. law and you are becoming a business partner. GCoop is a network marketing company which uses the hybrid binary compensation plan,


2. As a Consumer, if you are only interested in the products and not the business, the absolute easiest way to register is through this link. You do NOT need to enter your social security number. If you are interested in the business later, you can cancel membership and "re-register" to become a GCoop "business" partner. Follow the steps below to become a GCoop "consumer". (It is a bit complicated but the following steps below will guide you to success.)

GCoop Enrollment Page

How can I Join GCoop as a consumer

Consumer Enrollment Terms and Conditions page is shown. Check off all box and Click Agree to go to the Final Step.

Terma and Conditions GCoop USA

Finally, the GCoop Consumer Enrollment form will appear. Things to note is to make sure you click the black check box after filling in the email address and phone number. When you enter your zip code, press search and the City and State will be automatically filled. If you need to change the name of the city, you can change via the dropdown if provided. Afterward press confirm and your ID will appear.

GCoop Consumer Enrollment Form

A popup will appear in the top of the page and press OK to finalize confirmation.

Confirmation of GCoop Membership

After Clicking OK your GCoop Registration ID is given. Make sure to jot down and remember your ID and Password or take a picture or perform a screenshot.

GCoop Membership Registration Complete

Congratulations. You are a GCoop Member!

You need to be aware of:

After you become a "member" under any level of membership, if your account is dormant for 1 year with no activity, your membership will also be terminated.

No worries however. You can re-enroll GCoop if your membership is cancelled for unlimited amount of times.


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