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GCoop: Membership Registration

Membership to GCoop can be obtained only through another GCooper. Since GCoop is a network marketing company which uses the hybrid binary compensation plan, the GCooper who signs you up in most cases will be your "sponsor" and your "enroller". If you would like to become a GCooper please click here.

After you are registered by your sponsor, your membership level will be termed "Beginner". Your sponsor will email or text your ID and Password to you soon afterward.

There are 2 things you need to be aware of:

1. As a beginner, if you do not make any kind of purchase within 15 days, your membership will be terminated.

2. After you become a "member" under any level of membership, if your account is dormant for 6 months with no BV activity, your membership will also be terminated.

You can choose to re-enroll in GCoop if your membership is cancelled. However you will lose your place in the binary line and there is no way to re-register to your original position. You will be placed in the bottom of the line as a "new" member. So it will be in your best interest to maintain your membership by remembering to accrue any amount of B.V. within the last 6 months or better yet enroll into "Autoship".

Cf.) Autoship is similar to a monthly subscription program where certain "autoship" products can be ordered monthly for $110 (shipping and handling included). This autoship program is a requirement for those members who will use GCoop as a business - promotion and global bonus volume is now included.

For more information on "Autoship" click here.