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CK Balance Power & H | Compound K

It has been recently found that the active ingredient in Ginseng is the saponin metabolite Compound K. Ongoing research in the scientific community reveals exciting outcomes - anti-Inflammatory actions, liver protective, anti-oxidative properties, inhibition of tumor growth, anti-fatigue and bolsters the immune system.

CK Balance Power

Until now it has been very expensive to use Compound K in dietary food and cosmetics. General Bio, GMP manufacturing and research company has a patent that lowers the overall cost of creating Compound K making it widely available to consumers How much of Compound K is contained per serving? Currently CK Balance Power (contains 100% fermented ginseng extract) & H (20% fermented ginseng extract) are the only dietary supplements in the U.S. that contains compound K as its main ingredient. The production of compound K has been made possible by bioconversion technology created by General Bio Corp. It is a patented process where saponin is extracted from ginseng and converted to compound K. Why not just take regular ginseng or its saponins? It has been found that ginseng saponin (ginsenoside) is the most important active compound of ginseng and to date over 50 types have been found. The major types are - Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Re and Rg1. Humans cannot regularly absorb ginseng saponins? It takes certain intestinal microorganisms to decompose saponin. Those who lack such microbes cannot break down the ginseng saponin and thus ginseng has no effect on these people. 40% of Asians lack such microorganisms. When the major saponins are pre-hydrolyzed in to minor saponins such as Rg3, Rh2 and Compound K, these saponins are easily absorbed. Compound K is ginseng's final saponin metabolite. There is no need for enzymes inside the body or microorganisms to break it down. Main effectiveness Increases in stamina, less physical fatigue, bolstered immunity Many people have been experiencing the benefits of taking compound K. Nearly 500 research papers have been written in PubMed. Some of the content of those papers are Compound K (CK) inducing apoptosis of liver cancer, CK's liver protective effect, hinders atherosclerosis, neuroprotective and cognition enhancing effects, anti-diabetic effect, anti-inflammatory effect, skin protective effects and so on... Dietary Compound K There is no other company in the U.S. that produces Compound K as a dietary supplement. Compound K is the next superherb... the rediscovered Korean Ginseng.


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