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Why GCoop?

 Easy as


GCoop stands for "Global Cooperative". GCoop is a Global Business Platform supporting Social Enterprises and Social innovators - "GCoopers" support local communities through social and environmental issues. We are a certified B-Corporation and strive to make a better world one community at a time.

1. Products

For any multi-level marketing company you need to first look at the products.

GCoop has 7 brands with over 50+ products in the U.S!


1.High Quality and Best Value for Money

2. Natural and Eco-friendly Ingredients

3. Functional and Fast Acting

Are products being repurchased? An emphatic YES!

Over 50 products available in the U.S. and rising!

Dietary Supplements

Korean Skincare

2. About GCoop

...to be the best "for" the world

1. Does the company have an established R&D and manufacturing company? YES! GCoop is the marketing division for the mother company General Bio, a cGMP, GMP certified company since 2007.

2. What is the company's strongest point? Helping out the community especially for groups that are in a social disadvantage.

3. Anything special about the company? 75% of its workforce are employed with people with a social disadvantage or physical/mental disabilities.


GCoop is B Corporation Certified

Best for Community 2016, 2017, 2018

Best Overall 2016, 2017, 2018

"G" stands for Global

"C" stands for Cooperative

3. Compensation Plan

A Binary Hybrid Plan - Simple, Transparent & Fair

Binary plans are great for people who like to participate in teams.

4 major ways to make money

1. Profit from selling directly as a member or wholesale pricing

2. Team Bonus

3. Sponsor Bonus

4. Matching Bonus

Cf.). Promotion Bonus

Still not convinced?

Read the product reviews
WHAT are PEOPLE Saying?

“I have heard of Korean Ginseng but never heard of Compound K before. I took CK Power and I will never ever need another energy drink again. Another great thing is that it is natural and I'm not putting any synthetic chemicals in my body.”

— David. Fairfax, Virginia

What is a GCooper?

A GCooper is a social innovator. They take part in social innovation for social entrepreneurship. GCoopers utilize the platform offered through GCoop to support the local community through social and environmental issues in support for social progress. GCoop is the marketing and distribution platform for General Bio, a B-Corporation Company certified by B-Lab. GCoopers are members of GCooper Foundation which is committed to support local communities through charities and local economic development.

Do you know Compound K


Compound K comes from the saponin of the Ginseng root. Saponin is broken down to Compound K by microbes in the intestinal flora. It is widely known that the ginseng extract contains immune enhancing effects but more precisely, Compound K is the main reason for its efficacy.

Compound K GInseng.png
Gcoopers based in other countries


comp Plan


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