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What is the GCoop Energy Diet?

No More Yo-Yo Dieting~!

The GCoop Energy Diet program is a hybrid between the ketogenic diet and time restricted feeding diet. It is designed to be a detoxification program as well. Through good nutrition, participants cycle between normal meals during the weekend while training the body and mind during the weekdays. We have a coaching staff to help with you at all times through the Kakao Talk application.

Energy Diet Expectations

Many of the participants who follow the program lose between 10~15 pounds within 2~3 weeks. The first week is the hardest since it is the time where the body is getting adjusted to the ketogenic mode - the fat burning process. Many can experience diarrhea and other mood symptoms due to the weaning off of carbohydrates and during glycolysis. Low carbohydrate intake is practiced along with time restricted feeding with no meals 2~3 hours before bedtime. Good sleep is encouraged so that the body will produce sufficient growth hormones during the night.

People with chronic diseases taking medication is discouraged to start this diet without medical supervision since there will need to be adjustments with medications due to the lowering of blood sugar levels and possible lowering of blood pressure and other physiological events due to weight loss.

Most participants who finish the program continue to keep the weight off and continue with the cycling program until the next season of GCoop Energy Diet. There are 4~5 seasons per year. 


Energy Diet Program is now in its 3rd Season - 2020 

Season 1: 1500 Registered Participants

Season 2: 2,700 Registered Participants

Over 8,400+ Outside Participants

Next  session will  in start Aug    27, 2020

What to do next?

The GCoop Energy Diet Program is held 5~6 times a year. Do not attempt to do this diet outside of the program without a certified coaching staff unless you have already participated in the Energy Diet Program before. Even though you may have all the dietary supplements and "E.D. Hwan" you need to start the program, the certified coaching staff is integral to the success of the diet. There are unexpected situations where certain individuals need extra care and assistance. Direct assistance from Dr. Ryu and Dr. Jung are always at hand when you participate in the official GCoop Energy Diet program. 

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