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GCoop: Skin Innovator

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

About Skin innovator

Looking for a good skin care products that can renew and heal your skin? You have come to the right place. Skin innovator is an all in one product that can help you restore your skin’s natural look in a short period of time.

This product is made of the finest quality ingredients. It works to promote healing of damages to your skin through the harsh environment. Some people use it as an invisible band-aid while others use it as an overnight mask after you apply your lotions before bed. The film that is created after application is 100% breathable and created to work that way. Skin innovator is also safe to use for the most sensitive skin type! Skin innovator is hypoallergenic and dermatology tested. No acetone, no steroids and no preservatives.

Benefits and uses

· Skin innovator moisturizes and rejuvenates the face

· It instantly heals face and body of redness and itchiness

· It evens out skin tone, making the skin looking healthier and younger.

· It can be used on sensitive parts of the skin e.g. eye area.

· Great for damaged skin

· Heals the skin post-surgery

· The peel off pack removes dead skin and prevents aging of the skin

When you’re talking about a product that delivers instant results, skin innovator should be on the top list.

What are the Ingredients that make it active?

Of course, there should be a secret behind skin innovator’s potency. The secret is its fine and powerful ingredients.

· b-glucan

Polysaccharide sugar, gotten from yeast or oats loaded with some antioxidant properties. It is a skin soothing agent. B-glucan is a great ingredient for improving redness and other signs of sensitive skin.

· Allantoin

Allantoin is an effective moisturizing ingredient, and its gentle, non-irritating qualities make it a great addition to anti-aging products for people with sensitive skin,

It promotes natural exfoliation in the stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of the skin. It stimulates cell proliferation, promoting new tissue growth. Allantoin soothes skin, and because of that, it is used to treat every skin issue from redness to dermatitis, eczema, acne and even burns.

· Calcium pantothenate

Calcium pantothenate is a humectant. It draws moisture to the skin, helping to keep it soft, succulent, and hydrated, helping to prevent wrinkles and scaly skin. It can also lessen the appearance of redness and irritation associated skin blemishes.

· Propolis wax

Naturally produced by honey bees, it is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and a humectant which attracts moisture. It contains amino acids and proteins which helps regenerate skin cells and leaves the skin smooth, blemish free and younger.

· Centellia asiatica and 9 plants extract

When applied topically, this ingredient is a great skin care ingredient due to its numerous benefits. It can lessen inflammation, speed healing, promote new cell growth, build collagen and boost circulation.

How is skin innovator used?

Skin innovator is best used twice daily, at any convenient time. It can also be used on any part of the body.

For soothing the face

· Apply the right amount on the skin evenly.

· Let it stay for one thirty minutes to one hour, then wash it off with warm water.

· You can leave it overnight, depending on your skin condition.

· After rinsing off, apply hydration toner and serum on your face. If serious soothing is needed, then apply Snow Baby Emergency Complex.

For face rejuvenation;

· Apply the sleeping pack on your face.

· When removing, peel off gently. If you have sensitive skin, rinse with warm water.

For treating the body

· Apply the right amount evenly all over your body.

· Remove gently with lukewarm water the following day.


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