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CareCella: Facial Line-up Lifting Gel

Everyone wants to look young forever. However, as we grow older, our skin loses elasticity because of the reduction in collagen and elastin production in the skin. This skin aging causes saggy skin- your face is no longer vibrant and youthful, you begin to feel old and unattractive. This has caused many people to resort to surgery and injectable facial fillers to make the face and skin look younger again.

The truth is you don’t really have to go under the knife or opt for injectable fillers that come with side effects when there are so many safe natural ingredients that will help lift your face, making you look young and beautiful. There are many products on the market that are formulated with such ingredients. One of such product is the CareCella: Facial Line-up Lifting Gel.

CareCella Facial Line Up Lifting Gel

What makes it stand out?

For a fast and effective lifting product, think Facial Line-up Lifting Gel. The super lifting polymer will improve the suppleness of your skin by restoring saggy skin to normal youthful looking condition. This product stands out because of its ability to detect the problem areas of the skin. The gel appears cracked on the part of the skin that needs hydration, and appears uneven on the part that lacks elasticity.

Facial Line Up Lifting Gel Functions on the Skin

Eliminating wrinkles and facial lines.

When the product is applied to the skin, it stretches every form of wrinkle through the strong physical contractions from the gel. The active ingredients of the gel helps stimulate and generate collagen and elastin cells. These ingredients are absorbed by the skin.

Skin tone improves.

It improves the skin tone and speeds turnover of skin cells by strong antioxidant effect of plant extracts. It smoothens and softens the skin by absorbing waste.

Lifts the skin

Goodbye to sagging skin. This product lifts the skin instantly when applied. Your skin is firm, toned and looks younger.

Facial line up lifting gel was clinically tested on 23 women with an average age 46 to confirm the effects of the product on face lifting, wrinkle reduction, fine lines, skin complexion enhancement and pore tightening. The results were positively amazing.

Active ingredients

Dragons blood, fullerene, copper tripeptide-1 and soy phytoplacenta extracts encourage the healthy generation of skin and collagen. It provides nourishment and stimulates fibroblasts to encourage the production of collagen. In addition, it improves the suppleness of the skin and reduces wrinkles by filling the fine lines on the face. Lecithin controls and increases the water in the cells and improves skin suppleness.

Lifting Dirt out of the Pores

During the drying process of the gel, it helps excrete wastes from the pores while absorbing it from the skin.

CareCella Facial Line-up Lifting Gel revitalizes human skin and effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is a potent reverse-aging therapy for both males and females alike.

How to use Skin · Prepare your face by cleansing with a gentle cleanser · Apply the gel evenly all over your face with your clean finger of a makeup brush · Wait for 20-30 minutes for the gel to dry. Drying time may depend on the skin condition. · Rinse off your face with lukewarm water until the gel is completely removed. · After this, follow with your normal skincare routine. · Caution; Make sure you wash the gel as soon as it is dry, or else it may cause irritation to the skin.


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