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GCoop Energy Diet Program 2020

Welcome to the GCoop Energy Diet Program 2020.

GCoop Energy Diet Season 3

Despite COVID 19, 1,850 people completed safely.

The Energy Diet, which surprised many medical practitioners, will soon open for season 3-5.

There are a lot of energy diet schedule inquiries, so we will release them in advance.

▶ ️ 2020 Energy Diet Schedule ◀ ️

Season 3-5: July 16th

Season 3-6: August 27th

Season 3-7: October 15th

Season 3-8: December 3rd

🔽 Gcoop Energy Diet School Season 3-5 🔽

(Starts on July 16, 2020)

<The meaning of energy diet season 3>

Factors affecting body weight control (obesity) are ...

1. Toxic substances (heavy metals, environmental hormones, etc.)

2. Incompatibility of Intestinal Bacteria

3. Stress sleep and exercise

4. Incongruity of neurotransmitters, thyroid function, and sex hormones

5. Insulin Resistance

6. Deflection of Diet


Energy Diet Season 2 has improved itself #2-6 above lists through autophagy of "finger mind therapy (spirit) and cycling technique (physical)".

This has brought back the health and beauty of so many others that even doctors have been astonished.

Of course, the number 1 toxic substance, such as heavy metal environmental hormone, was also resolved to some extent through autophagy.

However, I felt poor about detoxifying toxic heavy metals. Because once a heavy metal is in your body, you can never get it out of the body unless it's an accurate chelate therapy.

Many "medical papers" and "medical professional conferences" have finally found a way to improve heavy metals in the body, and the results of human testing have been satisfactory.

Finally, 2020 Energy Diet Season 3 upgrade was born.

Are you worried that the upgrade price of Upgrade Season 3 will be more expensive?

No ~ No ~ No ~ !!

Rather, the price is lower than the price of season 2.

Detoxification with stronger version of heavy metals ~

At the same time, the lower price of the product, Energy Diet Season 3-5, will visit you on July 16, 2020.

GCoop Energy Diet Required Products

To enter the GCoop Energy Diet program and to purchase GCoop products, you will need to register for GCoop Membership. Click here to fill out the registration form. Please remember to choose that you are interested in the GCoop Energy Diet Program.

■ EDH Plus Purchase Process

1) Deposit Methods

🔹Zelle : 678-577-9988 Stella Lee

🔹Venmo :

ID: doleedosa


Name: Seong Jeong

▪3 Bottles or more: $35 each (free shipping)

▪1~2 Bottles : $35 each plus $8.40 shipping fee

2) Text or email your Zelle or Venmo ID, package receiver’s name, shipping address and phone number.

Text Message Contact @ 678-577-9988

Coach Seong-A Jeong


■ US GED School Executive

• 929-410-9624 Junghee Kim 김정희 코치 (General Coach)

• 505-699-5746 Young R. Jo 조영랑 코치 (English Counseling)

• 678-577-9988 Seong-A Jeong 정성아 코치 (General Affairs/Accounting)

• Email Address :

** The energy diet homepage (

⬇️⬇️GED Season3-5 Information input✍️


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