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FAQ.    GCoop Energy Diet. 

  • Where can I join the GCoop Energy Diet?
    There are two registrations you will need to complete. GCoop Member Registration GCoop Energy Diet Program Registration Before you can join the program, you will need to register for GCoop. Membership is needed so that you can purchase the necessary GCoop diet products. One can join through the link here. Make sure you choose that you are interested in the GCoop Energy Diet Program. Our coaches will be able to address any questions or concerns you might have. Afterwards you will need to fill out the GCoop Energy Diet registration which can be found here.
  • Are there several GCoop Energy Diet Programs?
    The GCoop Energy Diet is officially held worldwide 5~6 times a year. No other groups are authorized to use the educational materials and video from the diet program. It is illegal to use the GED materials for their use in sponsoring their own diet program. In 2020, the remaining sessions of GCoop Energy Diet are as follows: Season 3-5: July 16th Season 3-6: August 27th Season 3-7: October 15th Season 3-8: December 3rd Unfortunately there are groups who start a diet program using our program but they are not authorized to use our name. Most of those diet programs are held by GCoopers who have experienced the GCoop Energy Diet Program but have not gone through the required training to become an official GED coach. GED coaches are trained to respond to individuals and outliers who react differently to the general diet. There is a systematic approach to the GED program and measures are created to help protect the individual from harm. Coaches are also there to explain the common symptoms which arise through decreased consumption of carbohydrates along with transient detoxification syndrome which occurs when the toxins are released from the burned fat. It is highly urged for people who are starting the diet for the first time to join the "official" Energy Diet Program. The registration fee of $60 does not compare to a lifetime of change. The Energy Diet Program is held frequent enough so it is prudent to wait. GED will not held responsible nor obligated to help those who have tried to go through the program privately. Those groups do not have the necessary medical nor dietary training to help individuals who react differently to the program.
  • What is so special about the GCoop Energy Diet?
    GCoop Energy Diet combines proven scientific research of western medicine with oriental medicine. Concepts of detoxification along with revitalization through autophagy is emphasized. Nutrition education and lifestyle modification is also taught. There are many success stories where people have improved their health fitness and lifestyle. The following are a few of the many principles guiding GCoop Energy Diet: Cycling Program -> to maintain Basic Metabolism Rate BMR Recover control over appetite and weight control through hormonal balance -> helps prevent yo-yo dieting Nutritional Balance through intake of micronutrients -> helps prevent side effects from a change in diets Balance and enhance the immune system through liver detoxification -> promoting a healthy diet Value Individual Taste -> Easy diet, lifestyle diet. Minimize the crisis healing or clearance effect from dieting 1:1 coaching by a trained GCoop Energy Diet Staff member
  • What products do I need for GCoop Energy Diet Program?
    Required products for the GCoop Energy Diet Program are: Active DS Pro - 1 each Active DS D - 3 each MSM - 1 each Cal magnesium - 1 each Milk thistle - 1 each Omega 3 - 2 each Wild mango Coffee - 1 each EDH Plus - 2 bottles Optional GCoop products: Probiotics Active DS S Active DS A Multivitamin Additional quantities of certain products may be required depending on each individual person.
  • Can anyone join the GCoop Energy Diet?
    Those participants who are not taking any medications nor are they diagnosed with a disease are able to participate. Those participants who are diagnosed with: Insulin-dependent diabetic patients Patients with end stage renal & kidney failure Those who have malignant skin diseasesetc.) and take steroids more than 1 month Patients with severe cirrhosis Progressive lung diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis, interstitial pneumonia and chronic obstructive disease Severe heart disease such as MI (Myocardial Infarction) Stage 3 or more severe cancer patients, vaious serious diseases and rare intractable diseases People who take psychiatric medication such as panic disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, etc. Organ transplant patients and people who take immunosuppression medication Person who is going to have operate/surgery (within one month) Person with organ malformation (malformation of uterine, heart, kidney, etc) Hemorrhagic diseases such as gastric and duodenal ulcers Will not be able to participate in this diet. Unless they are approved and closely observed by their personal physician. Other specific conditions not listed above will need to consult with your personal physician for guidance. This does not only pertain to the GCoop Energy Diet but to all diets as well.
  • Is the GCoop Energy Diet different every Season?
    Every year, the GCoop Energy Diet is upgraded with the latest scientific research in dietary medicine. Also with incrasing participants from around the world, the ability to understand dieting betwen different races are also taken into consideration. Many people who participated in one season also participates in the next season to increase dietary effectiveness and to experience the latest trends in diets. Season 3 now includes heavy metals detoxification. The Energy Diet "Hwan" aka. EDH Plus was upgraded to reflect the need to include heavy metal detoxification.
  • What is the GCoop Energy Diet?
    GCoop Energy Diet is a diet based on the latest scientific reserach created in South Korea by Dr. Ryu and Dr. Jung. There are six fundamentals for the diet: Ketogenesis Autophagy Intermittant fasting Cycling intake Heavy metal detoxification Lifestyle modification through proper sleep, exercise and nutrition Since this is a month long worldwide program, participants are grouped according to the region they reside. The staff of the GCoop Energy Diet program (aka. "coaches") lead the group through the diet and address any questions or problems which can arise due to a wide variation of body types and needs. There are 5 weekly educational seminars held live in South Korea by Dr. Ryu and Dr. Jung. Participants in the U.S. are also able to access the recorded live seminar during a limited time window due to time differences worldwide. The diet is supported with micronutrients and herbal supplements: To allow the body fight through side effects which will occur through detoxification Transition from a carbohydrate-rich lifestyle to a more balanced diet promoting fat burning and metabolic flexibility. The Cycling Technique aka. time restricted feeding is incorporated to help cycle the body into metabolic flexibility for feeding and non feeding phases. Every year the GCoop Energy Diet is upgraded to include the latest advances in dietary medicine.
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