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Ecobridge Flushable Wipes

GCoop Ecobridge Flushable Wipes

MSRP  |  $  4.50

General Description (4.5R0.9BV3MP)

Action |  Flushable Wipes when there is no bidet.

Highlights |  Soft and clean. Dermatest Excellent, the wipes dissolve in water. Moistened in 7 stage water filter. No artificial fragrances.

  • CareCella Dead Sea Salt.png

    Dead Sea Salt

    Velvety Smooth Scrub using sugar to exfoliate the skin. 

    MSRP: $45.00

  • Ecoer Snow Sulfur Soap.jpg

    Handmade Sulfur Soap

    Fermented for 3 weeks to bring sulfur spa to your home.

    MSRP: $50.00


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