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GCoop Compensation Plan

GCoop's business model is a Multi-Level Marketing business based on a Unilevel Compensation plan

What is a Binary Plan?

In a nutshell, a binary plan is where only 2 people can be placed under another person. Each person will represent a leg - typically termed as the outside "power" leg or the inside "profit" leg. Additional people who are recruited will "spill-over" and be placed below the 1st two people who was originally recruited and continues. Thus, a binary plan is a "two-legged" system.

"Team Bonus" is where you are compensated through balancing the points between the "A" and "B" leg. GCoop allows payment to be allocated when both legs accrue a weekly minimum of 20 BV.

Comp 6.PNG

There are 4 Types of Bonuses

1. Team Bonus

2. Sponsor Bonus

3. Matching Bonus

4. Promotion Bonus

Fair Compensation Plan GCoop.JPG

What makes it a hybrid?

Not only can you be compensated for people in your "downline" but you can be compensated for the people you directly enroll. Some companies call this an "Enrollment bonus" but GCoopers call it "Sponsor bonus".

"Sponsor bonus" is based on a "Unilevel" lineage. All the people you directly enroll is designated as the first generation and there is no limit to the number of people. All GCoopers with a "Member" status can receive Sponsor bonuses.


"Matching Bonus" allows you earn additional income by multiplying the actual amount of dollars earned by the members through "team bonuses" you directly and indirectly sponsored. Up to 3 generations are allowed with each successive generation earning a lower percentage - 15, 10, 5 respectively. You must qualify a certain level to be able to receive such benefits.

If you would like to learn more about us or the compensation plan, please contact us or even better, sign up as a GCooper~!

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