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Who should register GCoop as a 2-Star Membership & Autoship?

Many GCoopers who are introduced to GCoop are also encouraged to purchase the GCooper Pack. Why? The more important question should be "who"?

The GCooper Pack was specially created for "new" GCoopers who immediately want to start GCoop as a business and for those who want to try out a variety of products as soon as possible. It is the absolute easiest way to become a 2-star GCooper. In order to sell GCoop products, you must know GCoop products. The GCooper package is far less expensive when compared to the costs of ordering everything separately. Please take note that Ecoer Snow Handmade Sulfur Soap is not included.

On a personal note, I started the GCoop business with the GCooper Pack and also signed up for autoship. But did I need to start the business with a 2 star level immediately? For me the answer was YES. I needed global partnership and wanted to get to know many GCoop products in a short period of time... however this may not be the case for you.

Is it important to become a 2-star immediately? Well this question is a little bit more complicated. Having 2 -star membership with "autoship" is absolutely required for those GCoopers who want to participate in global partnership. In other words, to register GCoopers from other countries and to receive "bonus volume" from them you must have both a 2-star membership with an autoship plan.

When you become a 2-star with autoship, you are "able" to receive the maximum benefits given to a GCooper. The immediate benefits is that you can purchase GCoop products at "wholesale" price versus "member" price. Wholesale pricing are typically 50% or the retail price. Other than the wholesale pricing, you need to fulfill certain "bonus volume" conditions in order to receive compensation such as the "matching" bonus. Many people make the mistake of believing they will receive a percentage of their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation income upon 2-star but they fail to fulfill the requirements of 100BV in their smaller leg and thus do not receive the 30% income. Not only that it takes time to create a strong line of GCoopers on your team.

What if I don't have any immediate need for global partnership or immediate need for wholesale pricing? I want to start GCoop as a business while I am also in a part-time job. In this case GCooper Pack may not be the right fit. Consider a Captain Pack instead.

Captain Pack costs around $1000 but what is noticeably excluded are the Active DS diet system and CK Power. However Ecoer Snow Sulfur Soap is included in the Captain Pack.

Purchasing the Captain Pack allows you to become a immediate 1-star membership.

1-star level allows you to participate in the matching bonus for the 1st generation only.

Starting a GCoop business takes time. It takes time to get to know the products and the company and it takes time to understand the compensation plan. Finding a right GCoop Sponsor who can explain the ins and outs of GCoop is very important. The right sponsor can discern what level of membership will be right for you. If you ever feel uncomfortable in registering as a GCooper or even pressured into purchasing a GCooper Pack, run far, far away and don't look back - those sponsors are most likely looking out for "their" needs and may be incentivized for their downline partners to purchase a 2-star package - whether it is due to a promotion based incentive or for a "promotion bonus". It is in your best interest to search for sponsor who will recognize and understand your needs.

Now going back to the question who should immediately become a 2-star GCoop membership with autoship? The right answers are:

  1. Those who immediately need to sign-up people from other countries and need to receive bonus volume from other countries.

  2. Those who want to immediately take part in GCoop as a business and be able to use many products in a short time while getting greater discount through wholesale pricing versus member pricing.