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I just registered with GCoop. Now What?

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

First of all, congratulations on taking the leap to become a GCooper. Whether you joined through your family members or through your friends, it is taking the first step of registration that brings you closer to understand what the hype about GCoop is all about.

Some of you may have signed up just to try out the products while others have intentions to start using the GCoop platform as a business. In any case the next step is to use and understand GCoop's products.

For people who are "just interested" in using GCoop's products there isn't a better way to start leading a life free of harmful synthetic chemicals. From the bar of soap to the shampoo that we wash our hair with, we encounter well-known and numerous "toxic" chemicals in our daily lives - from sodium laurel sulfates, to parabens, to synthetic fragrances and coloring. The Environmental Working Group's website testifies to the many harmful ingredients in our household and cosmetic products. Using GCoop's products make it easy to avoid these harmful ingredients. Your health and well-being will naturally be improved through continued use of GCoop's products. (In our experience a majority of GCoop's users naturally become business partners - the products literally sell themselves, so why not?!!)

For those who are interested in the GCoop business, there isn't a better way to know the business but by actually using and believing in the products. Your own testimony to GCoop products is absolutely the best way to convince others to use the product. If you don't use or believe in the product, don't even bother to try to sell it to others. Just withdraw your membership and don't look back. However, I believe that those who actually understand and use any of GCoop products will conclude that joining GCoop will be a life changer - the best choice you have ever made.

Continued use of the GCoop's products will not only benefit your health and well-being but you will start to understand and realize the benefits society receive from the use of GCoop's products. When you become a GCooper, you automatically become part of the GCoop community. GCoopers are social innovators. You may not understand that immediately, your use of GCoop products does not only help yourself but helps your community as well. How is this possible? First of all, the products you purchase will one way or another help employ people who are at a social and economical disadvantage. As you may know by now, over 70% of the General Bio Corporation workforce employs people with disabilities. Over half of those employees have severe mental disabilities and lead viable lives by working at the company through easier repetitive tasks. Housing is even provided for those people so that they can get to work easier and eat anytime at the company cafeteria. Another way GCoop benefits the community is that 10% of GCoop profits are donated back to the community - money is given to local charities through the GCooper Foundation. 90% of the profits are reinvested back into GCoop providing valuable resources to GCoopers through products and business education, company funded centers and other business and customer support.

Welcome to the GCoop community. As a "Global Cooperative" we try to build bridges and make our communities better one GCooper at a time. Contact us anytime and let us grow together.

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www.GCoopCommunity.com will officially open in the Fall of 2019. Information from GCoop Community including the GCi system will be available for all downline partners who signed up their GCoop membership through www.GCoopInfo.com and through downline partners of GCoop Virginia. If you are interested in joining GCoop, click here and fill out the registration form. Thank you very much.