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How to Earn Money Through GCoop?

5 Ways to Make Money through GCoop

1. Earn money through direct sales of GCoop products - Sales Bonus

2. Receive a 5% Bonus Volume commission for every product purchased by Gcoopers who were introduced by you - Sponsor Bonus

3. Balance the Bonus Volume between your "Power" and "Profit" legs through the binary compensation plan - Team Bonus

4. Receive up to 30% of the income your downline sponsors generate - Matching Bonus

5. Receive a "one-time" membership level bonus starting from Bronze to Diamond - Promotion Bonus

Sales Bonus

Sales Bonus: Members purchase GCoop products at Member Price or Wholesale Price and sell to the market at Retail Price. It is pretty much straight forward.

  • The only caveat is that no discounts are available to the public and products are strictly sold at retail pricing. GCoopers are not allowed to sell the products through Amazon or Ebay or through online shopping sites. However GCoopers can sell the products at brick and mortar stores.

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor Bonus: All GCoopers will receive 5% BV commission for every product purchased by your downline sponsor you directly referred. So when a fellow GCooper you referred immediately becomes a 2-star membership, you will receive approximately $50 - and for an autoship, you will receive $2.50.

  • The only caveat is that you will continue to receive 5% BV commission as long as you are a GCooper. It is important that you know that your membership continues for one year after your last purchase. After one year, your membership will be terminated and you will unfortunately lose all your downline sponsors.

Team Bonus

Team Bonus: The majority of GCoopers earn their income through "Team Bonus". "Team Bonus" is given to GCoopers who are at "GBO" membership level - GCoop Business Owner. Understanding this is very important since this is the heart of binary compensation.

In Binary compensation, we only need to worry about "2 legs" - leg A and leg B. Each leg will accumulate a total Bonus Volume attained during each week. BV for the smaller leg will be the substracted from the larger leg and 12% of that BV will be given as a payout. BV Weekly totals ends every Tuesdays and bonus payouts occur the following Thursday. The remainder of the BV for the larger leg will be transferred to the next week and the cycle starts once again. The Binary Compensation plan allows all downline sponsor's BV to be added up - regardless of whether they are referred by you or someone else. This is the reason why this portion of GCoop business is a "Team" effort.

  • The only caveat is that in order to accrue unlimited and non expiring bonus volume, you must personally accrue 50 BV every month. This is where autoship is so important because it is the easiest way to solve this problem without worrying whether you have accrued 50 BV every month or not. IF you do not meet this requirement at any time during the month, your bonus volume from your larger leg will all disappear!

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus: In order to receive "Matching Bonus", you must attain the 1-star membership level. As you can see you can receive up to 4 generations of income from your downline sponsors starting from the sponsor you directly referred to GCoop - this is the 1st generation. Although you will receive 30% of the payout received by your first generation GCoop downline partner, you must accrue 100 BV per week in order to receive the 30%. In order to receive 15% of the 2nd generation, you must accrue 200 BV per week. 3rd generation requires 1,000 BV per month and 4th generation requires 3,000 BV per month. As with the Team bonus, weekly total BV ends on every Tuesday and bonuses are paid out the following Thursday.

  • The only caveat is that you maintain and accrue personally 50BV per month in order to keep your bonus volume. However that is easily resolved through "autoship".

Promotion Bonus

Promotion Bonus: This type of bonus are paid out only once when you attain a certain membership level. As you can see, Bronze is the minimum level to receive a payout while Diamond is the highest level you can attain to receive a payout of $10,000. There are higher levels of membership but no payout is given! This is very unique amongst network companies since other companies tend to give out larger payouts with each rank attained. Once you attain the rank you do not have to maintain that level. Once a bronze, always a bronze. Once a diamond, always a diamond. So promotion bonuses are more of a congratulatory prize not necessarily a recurring income source.

  • The only caveat is that you must have a 2-star level membership along with "Autoship" in order to participate in "Promotion Bonus".

This concludes the 5 ways GCoopers can receive income from GCoop. When you understand these 5 ways, you will know that registration into "autoship" is very important if you want to create a business through GCoop. Autoship is best started at the GBO membership level. I cannot emphasize how important enrolling into "autoship" is. It is perhaps more important than encouraging your downline sponsors to purchase a GCooper pack. GCoop is a long term business. With hard work and perseverance, you will see fruits of your labor within 1~3 years. Of course there those who can achieve this much earlier but for the larger portion of passionate GCoopers 1~3 years is a reasonable time from for success!