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How much does it cost to start a business with GCoop?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

How much does it take to start a GCoop business? Well... that will be up to you. As you can see the chart below, each level of membership has increasing benefits/bonuses.

BV (Bonus Volume) are similar to reward points you receive for each purchase. So when you order GCoop products, each products are assigned points in accordance to cost of the product and whether you buy it at membership or wholesale price.

  • For example, if you purchase the CareCella Hydration Basic Set, it will cost $109 for member price and the BV is 55. If you purchase CareCella Hydration Basic Set at wholesale price (we cannot reveal the price here but it is much lower than $109) the BV you will receive is 25.5 BV.

So according to GCoop's rules, you can start by becoming a member and earn income through "sponsor bonus" just by having any BV less than 50. You can "theoretically" start GCoop as a business with as little as $15 - $5 for a 4-pack toothbrush and $10 for the shipping + handling fee (* any orders over $150 is free shipping). When you become a member, you can earn 5% BV from the purchases of people you introduced to GCoop. You can also purchase products at your membership price and sell to "non-GCoopers" at retail pricing too.

But in order to become an "official" business partner, you should at the very least be a GBO level - "GCoop Business Owner". This is where you can start to receive bonuses from your downline partners and balance between your two legs to earn income as a team. Since many people take advantage of "free shipping" provided with purchases over $150, many start at the GBO membership level. The important point about being a GBO is that you need to attain 50 BV every month in order to participate in the unlimited, no expiration bonus points for your power leg. In other words earning 50 BV through personal purchases is required in order to maintain your reward points. The easiest way to achieve 50 BV without worrying when I need to purchase again is through "Autoship".

If you want to immediately obtain the "maximum" benefits of a GCooper, it will cost $2000 with a recurring fee of $110 every month for "autoship". Let us breakdown the reason for the costs. As you can see in the chart, In order to obtain the full benefits and maximum compensation possible, you must become a "2-star" and have registered into "autoship". (Although autoship is not mentioned in the chart, it is required to register for autoship when you are interested in receiving bonus volume from other countries and to participate in "promotion bonus".) When you obtain a BV of 1000+ you will become a 2-star member.

"Autoship" has 4 major functions:

  1. A monthly subscription to GCoop products totaling 50 BV roughly $110.

  2. This monthly subscription also "protects" you from losing your bonus volume that is accrued in your "power" line. In order to keep your bonus volume points from expiring you must personally accrue 50 BV per month.

  3. Autoship is required for GCoopers who wants to accept and register GCoopers outside of their designated country. In other words, in order to be a "Global" GCooper you must register for Autoship. If you don't have autoship you cannot accrue bonus volume BV from outside your own country of residence.

  4. You must have Autoship in order to receive "Promotion Bonus".

As you can see, when you accumulate points from purchasing GCoop products, your membership level will increase after you obtain the required BV. So regular consumers of GCoop products will sooner or later become a 2-star automatically depending on the amount of purchase. When you achieve a 2-star member, you will be able to purchase many GCoop products at "wholesale pricing". On average, most GCoop "consumers" receive this status within one year.

For those interested in GCoop as a business, is it in your best interest to be able to try many of the products as soon as possible and become a 2-star level in GCoop? The answer is an emphatic YES! But should everyone who wants to start GCoop as a business become a two-star level immediately? The answer is also an emphatic NO.

Each level of membership "requires" a certain maturity and understanding of the business. There is a reason for each membership level. This business requires hard work and effort in order to be successful.

  • For example for those who are trying out the products, is it realistic to buy all the products at once and understand how to use each of the products? Did you know that when you become a 1-star, in order to receive "1st generation" Matching bonus you must accrue 100BV/week in your weak leg?

Each person have different life situations and different requirements.

  • For example a person who wants to register people from other GCoop participating countries, a 2-star level with an autoship is a must. But for a person who just wants to try out the products and start slowly by introducing to friends and family, becoming a GBO is suffice for the time being.

The best way is to talk with a GCooper who is knowledgeable of all things GCoop. Having a strong upline GCoop sponsor is important because he/she can either lead you into the right direction or unfortunately the wrong direction.