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How is GCoop Different from other MLMs?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

How is GCoop different from other MLMs? What are the highlights of GCoop?

  1. Gcoop is the first Social Business Platform certified by B-Corporation under the company General Bio Corp. - a Social Enterprise. GCoop is part of the B-Corporation family. No other MLM company has this certification.

  2. Under South Korean law, GCoop is required to pay 35% of bonus payment ratio to the networkers. However, GCoop pays all of its 35% of its profits in cash. 100% cash and that excludes any expenses going to GCoopers for conventions, or rent for their campuses worldwide or any external compensations that may occur. Furthermore 90% or GCoop's profits are reinvested back to the company. No other MLM company gives out payouts in all cash which also exclude costs for other services given to GCoopers such as GCoop campuses which is run directly from the company.

  3. None of its major shareholders or related family members receive any dividends from GCoop's profit. Also people employed with General Bio cannot be a GCooper.

  4. GCoop's campuses are all directly funded by the company and not by GCoopers. Most centers run by other MLM companies are individually run by themselves.

  5. GCoop was created by General Bio Corporation. General Bio started in 2007 as a manufacturing company, certified as a Social Enterprise (including B-Corp certification), have a credit rating of A (less than 5% of Korean companies have this rating), received many governmental awards for the company and products, etc. What this means is that the products work and the company focuses more on the performance of its products rather than recruits. Simply speaking, the products are first class. Most MLM companies do not have their own manufacturing company and most outsource their products to other companies.

  6. Through General Bio, GCoop has their own Research and Development facilities and the manufacturing facilities are certified with cGMP and GMP for international recognition and proof of its manufacturing capabilities.

  7. GCoop is a hybrid binary compensation plan - bonus points accrued will never expire (no flush outs) and payouts start as low as 100 BV/week (approx. $50).

  8. GCoopers partake in GCoop's business development and merchandising through committees. GCoopers have an actual voice and role in the direction of the company.

  9. The price points for GCoop's products are best in value focusing on the materials and performance and leaving the marketing to GCoopers. Most other cosmetics/dietary supplement products sold in the market are comparatively less of value when comparing the percentage of active ingredients in GCoop's products. So it is easier for GCoopers to sell their products because it is simply highly functional and cost-effective.

  10. General Bio/GCoop is a Korean company that sells "Korean" Cosmetics/Skincare and special herbs and dietary supplements that is the current and upcoming trend such as Compound K (Fermented Ginseng Extract) and Wasong (Rock Pine) highly tooted for its immune enhancing, anti-cancer, and anti-diabetic effect.

  11. No membership fees. Period. You will be able to register and become a member but within 15 days, you must purchase a product of any value to keep the membership. A purchase of any product will continue the membership for another year. Otherwise your membership will be automatically terminated and you will lose your place permanently. (You can also cancel your membership anytime and immediately - no questions asked.)

  12. There are 5 ways to get compensated for your marketing. In other words, there are 5 ways to make money. A majority of GCoopers have never been in the networking business. A majority of GCoopers who make this as their business come from people who were originally "just consumers" of GCoop products.