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GCoop: What is Autoship?

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Autoship is GCoop's terminology for monthly subscription of certain products but with much added benefits.

What products are available for subscription?

Benefits of GCoop Autoship Products?

The most important reason for registering GCoop Autoship is to participate in the bonus volume for global membership. Secondly, one must enroll in autoship in order to participate in the promotion bonus which allows you to rise to a higher membership level.

For a person who joins GCoop in a "business" perspective, it is required to enroll in autoship and become a 2-star in order to obtain the full benefits GCoop as a business has to offer.

For a person who joins as a "consumer", autoship is beneficial in that the person does not have to worry about having their membership cancelled from GCoop due to inactivity for one year. In other words membership to GCoop will be forfeited if the person does not purchase any items within one year. The extent of loss from losing membership will only be realized when the number of GCoopers beneath that person and the loss of accumulated bonus value is calculated. Probably the continuation of membership is the most important "unrealized" benefit GCoop members have when signing up for autoship. Another important benefit of autoship for a regular consumer stems from this - the consumer will receive future team bonus value from other countries when GCoopers and their bonus values below him originate from other parts of the world. Regular consumers of GCoop products will eventually become a 2-star level and that will give the consumers a choice to become a business partner of GCoop.

How is Autoship processed?

Autoship starts on the date you first register on. Every consecutive month on the same date, the products you subscribe will be ordered.

How much is Autoship?

Each product set that is sent will cost $100 plus shipping and handling of $10. So, the total cost will be $110.


Registering for autoship is a must for GCoop business partners and a must for consumers who love GCoop products. Since GCoop is based on a one-stop, global one server and a fair platform, it is inevitable that "consumers" of GCoop products will be eligible to receive all the benefits a GCoop business partner have. The only difference is the start time. Wouldn't it be better to reap the benefits now instead of later?

If you need help with "autoship" registration click here.