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GCoop's Mission and Philosophy

GCoop was founded on the beliefs of social entrepreneurship through concepts of shared growth. When GCoop started the Global One Server System, its purpose was to globalize the business under one system, establish an integrated system for efficiency but most importantly globalize the company's mission and philosophy.

GCoop's stands for "Global Cooperative". Its mission is to resolve social problems and deficiencies by:

  • providing better quality products for everyone

  • find ways to help communities in need

  • benefit our communities and society as a whole

  • become pioneers in practicing ethical business, especially within the multi-level marketing industry

  • creating partnerships to become global - to make the world a better place for everyone.

Working as a "cooperative" means to work together and grow together. GCoop is inclusive of all cultures and communities and aspires to grow and share within local communities which will eventually become a network of global communities. Thus the conception of "GCOOP".

Many members of GCoop miss the real objective of this company which is NOT only about making money but becoming a social innovator. It is time to reclaim what GCoopers are meant to be and not what society thinks it to be. GCoop is not another multi-level marketing company. GCoop is a platform where social enterprises can strive to make a world a better place, one community at a time.