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GCoop Free Shipping for Orders over $150!

GCoop orders totaling over $150 is free shipping. GCoop orders below $150 is a flat rate of $10 for shipping and handling.

So, if you are new to GCoop and wondering what to buy... let's find out below.

As you may already know, there are 3 major categories GCoop offers - Korean Cosmetics, Dietary Herbs and Supplements and Household & Personal Care.

Most of us want to apply the $10 to purchase more and receive free shipping. If you are just starting out, the first two korean cosmetic products are the absolute best way to start. The sulfur soap is my recommendation but can be substituted for other products to reach the goal of $150 plus.

  1. Magic Peeling Gel (Member price $29) - 6 functions in 1 gel - exfoliates, tones, clarifies, improves elasticity, moisturizes, and makes skin glow. I have yet to meet a GCooper who doesn't use or love this product! This typically used 2 times a week and used before the CareCella's 5 Basic Set, Lifting Gel, Venus Peel etc.

  2. CareCella Hydration Basic Set (Member price $109) - The easiest way to get into Korean Skincare. Contains - Foam Cleanser, Balance Toner, Intensive Serum, Deep Emulsion and the Day Cream (Sunscreen SPF 50). This set is the foundation for all CareCella products. Other CareCella products work in harmony with the Hydration Basic Set.

  3. Handmade Sulfur Soap - (10) (Member price $36) - Soap created through low temperature 4 weeks fermentation process - Coconut Oil, Sulfur Salt, Wax, Glycerine, Yogurt. NO added preservatives, NO pigments, NO scent, NO SLS/SLES!

This is where the road starts to divide according to your needs.

  1. All in One Biomist - (Member price $32) - Rejuvenating Mist for dry and dehydrated skin. Very popular with GCoopers who need that extra moisturizing spray to last through the day. Contains Adenosine, Niacinamide, Ginseng Extract, Soy Phytoplacenta Extract, Compound K and more~!

  2. Bubble Toc Toc - (Member price $66) - Improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and brightens the skin. Some people call it the Botox alternative but technically speaking Bubble Toc Toc has nothing to do with Botox. The main ingredient is Volufiline from Sederma. It works by increasing the fat cells under the skin. This action fills in the wrinkle lines and improves the vitality of the skin. Another popular product especially for people worried about wrinkles and dry skin.

  3. Prestige T11 (Member price $76) - Premium wrinkle care cream containing Finexell-T11, Adenine, Uridine, Growth Factor Complex and Diamond Powder

  4. Prestige V10 (Member price $76) - Premium brightening ampoule containing Tranexell V-10, Adenine, Uridine and Growth Factor Complex

  5. Venus Peel Powder & Serum (Member price $109) - People have had amazing results using this peel. A truly revolutionary skin peel! (On a personal note, I don't recommend for people who haven't had any education in this product since it uses micro needles from the Venus Flower Basket and some may find its prickly application surprising. Rather the Facial Line up Lifting Gel may be the better choice!)

  6. Facial Line Up Lifting Gel (Member price $109) - This gel facial will physically improve your wrinkle lines. Typically used 2~3 times a week, many users absolutely love how it tightens the face during application.

  7. There are so many wonderful K-beauty products to choose from..

For those interested in the dietary herbs and supplements, CK Balance H or Power is absolutely a must for people who need that extra immune boost and energy. However the economical way to purchase it is through "autoship" - the monthly GCoop subscription. $110 monthly for a month's supply of CK Balance H or Power. (There are other monthly subscription autoship packages available too.) There are also so many great supplements such as Nano Collagen, MSM, Sea Formula etc. But that will need to written for another blog post.

Going back to our original purpose of this post. Free shipping of GCoop products needs to total at least $150. Anything below will have a flat rate of $10 for shipping and handling. By the way, congratulations on being a GCooper~!