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GCoop: Ecoer Snow Baby Products

Babies need skin care too! Even though most babies were born with a smooth skin, they still need to care for their skin. Ecoer Snow Baby products are mild baby skin care products that contain no harmful ingredients, hypoallergenic and excellent for babies with atopic dermatitis. This is a product used by many around the world and especially in Korea. The skin of your baby may be soft and flawless, but it is also sensitive and susceptible to environmental elements. Rash, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions can occur. This is why you need a product like Ecoer Snow to take care of your baby’s skin.

Besides the Handmade Sulfur Soap, Ecoer Snow consists of three other products;

· Ecoer Snow Baby Moisture Complex (Face and Body)

· Ecoer Snow Baby Washing Complex (Bath and Body)

· Ecoer Snow Baby Emergency Complex (Soothing Mist)

All 3 products have received an excellent rating from Dermatest Germany which tests for skin irritation.

Ecoer Snow Baby Moisture Complex

The body lotion is designed to be mild and free from harmful ingredients. The main ingredient in this moisture complex is Kalanchoe extract and persimmon leaf extract which is cultivated under strict quality control. It keeps your baby’s skin healthy by suppressing the formation of radical oxygen and delivers moisturizers to the skin.

It is an all-in-one moisturizing lotion with triple moisture protective barrier consisting of lotion, cream and natural oil barriers that allows smooth application, retains moisture and allows absorption without shining. It is effective in strengthening the skin’s barrier and soothes the skin by the balanced formulation of natural plant oils and complex herbal extracts. This product is safe to use on your baby’s sensitive skin as well as your entire family.

Main ingredients

· Kalanchoe extract

It is a natural skin care ingredient that helps fight different kinds of skin diseases. It heals everything from rashes to eczema and it is gentle on even the most sensitive skin, hence its reason for being used in this baby care product.

· Ginsenoside

· Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid isn't harsh or skin-stripping at all, which is why it is good for your baby’s sensitive skin . In fact, it's the exact opposite— it is a powerful humectant (a moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps the skin plump and hydrated. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid forms a barrier on the skin, instantly moisturizing the skin complexion.

Hyaluronic acid is more than incredible at attracting and retaining moisture—it can hold an incredible one thousand times its own weight in water!

· Calendula oil flower oil

Calendula oil is a natural oil that is derived from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). It is often used as a complementary or alternative treatment. Calendula oil contains antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that may be useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema, and relieving diaper rash. It is very mild on even the most sensitive skin, making it ideal for your baby’s skin.

How to use

Dispense a sufficient amount and gently apply on the face and the entire body. It is more effective when it is applied to sensitive skin and severely dry area frequently,

Ecoer Snow Baby Washing Complex

The secret ingredient in Ecoer Snow Baby Washing Complex is also Kalanchoe extract and permission leaf extract. This product is free from any suspected harmful ingredients and uses all natural and never chemical surfactants as commonly seen in other baby products. This product is an all in one product and can be used as a face, body wash and shampoo. This product is designed to be very mild to sensitive skin and 100% natural.


· Kalanchoe gastonis bonnieri extract (same as above)

· Jojoba seed oil

Jojoba oil acts as a natural emollient, and this makes it perfect for your baby's delicate skin. This oil is very effective in treating skin rashes on babies and for general baby skin care treatment. It is also a great moisturizer.

· Calendula flower oil (same as above)

· Hyaluronic acid (same as above)

How to use

After wetting your baby’s head and body with water, dispense a sufficient amount onto a baby towel and work up plenty of lather. Rub the baby gently and rinse with water.

Ecoer Snow Baby Emergency Complex

This is an instant SOS oil serum for your baby's delicate skin. If there are any skin irritation or redness, spray the emergency complex. The main ingredient is also Kalanchoe Extract. This complex is a mist specially made for baby’s skin, it supplies their skin with rich oils and instant moisture. It helps to sooth and moisturizing the skin by optimally maintaining a balance between oil and moisture on the baby’s skin even after cleansing. It is completely safe to use on the baby’s skin because it is made of completely natural ingredients.


· Kalanchoe gastonis bonnieri extract (same as above)

· Aloe vera leaf extract

Aloe vera is a miracle skin product, healing everything from diaper rashes, to heat rashes and eczema. It is also great for babies skin. It makes the skin smooth and flawless.

· Olive oil

Olive oil is popularly known for its skin benefits. It moisturizes the skin. Olive oil will offer some benefits for your baby’s skin, including vitamins, antioxidants, and antibacterial effects

· Hyaluronic acid (same as above)

How to use

After washing and taking a bath, shake it well - the moisture layer and oil layer are not chemically infused together so it is important to shake well before each use. Spray a sufficient amount over baby’s skin and gently pat it with your palms for effective absorption.