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GCoop: Autoship Registration

Welcome! Steps to register for GCoop Autoship:

First of all, login to your account at us.gcoop.com After you login, click "My Office" located in the top righthand of the page. You will then be directed to the main control panel for all of your business transactions. Proceed to click "Autoship" located in the left column of the website.

Login to GCoop USA

You have now entered the Autoship page. Click "Autoship[Registration]" located on the left hand side beneath "Autoship".

You will enter the registration page where you will need to fill some forms out.

Under "Shopping List", select the products you will want for Autoship. You can choose one or mutiple items. If you choose one item, then you will receive that item monthly from the start of your Autoship plan. If you choose more than one, then you recieve that item starting from the items you clicked first in order. If you change your mind on the items you can always change it anytime under "Autoship [Product Edit]".

Scroll down and you will be able to see the items are entered into the "Shopping Cart" once you click immediately. You will also be able to delete the products you don't want. So the "top" item selected will be the first autoship product and the following months the next consecutive item will be processed and shipped to you.

After you have chosen the items, you should now fill in your shipping information and

be sure to click the "search" box after the zip code. Finally click the black "Check-out" box to process the autoship items you have chosen to enter it into the system.

Next agree to the terms and conditions and fill out your credit card information. Finally click the black "Registration" box and you are officially registered in GCoop Autoship.

Congratulations! You are officially registered in GCoop Autoship plan.